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Residential and commercial water damage account for the most commonly filed insurance claims in Arizona. It is critical that this type of damage gets taken care of quickly, since water damage can create even greater issues like corrosion and mold. Knowing what type of water damage you’re dealing with can help you decide how to properly mitigate the damage. However, the cause of the damage may not always be easily known.

Nobody likes to think that these kind of problems will happen to them but being prepared prior to the occurrence will help you keep calm and focused if the day comes. You’ll know which professionals to call and be able to gather the information needed to protect your interest.

In your water damage plan be sure to prioritize your call to Mowry Public Adjusting. We’re here to help you and provide you with the contact information for a reputable company who can extract the water quickly. We can begin assessing and restoring the damage done.

Here are some do’s and dont’s to remember:

  • Do call Mowry Public Adjusting (We’ll put you in touch...

Arizona’s monsoon season is in full stride. These high winds and heavy rains are causing damage to properties across the state. Roof damage and interior leaks are very common during this time. Policy holders are being left with a confusing insurance claim process to navigate. Many do not understand that public adjusters are available who can represent them and negotiate their claim settlement with the insurance company to assure a fair recovery.

Often times only part of these claims are being paid due to adjusters missing and not documenting all damages. Public adjusters are skilled in policy coverage and the restoration needed to return your property to its pre loss condition. They can provide a thorough valuation and aggressive representation to assure your claim is handled in a timely manner. Most work on a percentage of the settlement, so there is no risk to the client.

Here are some recommendations on how to proceed after suffering a loss.

  1. Contact your insurance adjuster as soon as possible. This will start the claims process.
  2. Document all...

Many property owners do not know about Public Adjusters. Since information is crucial in making an educated decision, let me explain. Public Adjusters represent the policyholders in insurance claims. We inspect the loss, figure the damages, review the coverage and determine the current replacement cost. A Public Adjuster will represent you and negotiate on your behalf with your insurance company in order to maximize your claim settlement. Public Adjusters understand the business and are familiar with the insurance company tactics so they can work quickly to expedite payments. A Public Adjuster can make an enormous difference in the amount of a policyholder’s settlement. If your property has been damaged, contact a Public Adjuster. As a licensed Public Adjuster, I welcome the opportunity to help you with your property claim. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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Even small fires can create big issues and be difficult to remediate. Smoke releases hazardous carcinogens into the air

that settle on all surfaces in your home. In addition they also penetrate through crevices in between walls and attic spaces. Your home will be covered with dark smoke particles that will leave a lingering odor. Fire restoration is a complicated process. The first thing you want to do is make sure the home is properly ventilated. Then contact your insurance carrier letting them know the loss has occurred. (Do not attempt to do any cleaning on your own as you can damage the property further.) Contact a Public Adjuster as soon as possible. You need a trained professional on your side to assess the damage and advocate on your behalf to carrier. This will assure accuracy, expedite the claims process and maximize your recovery.As a licensed Public Adjuster, I welcome the opportunity to help you with your property claim. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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